We are effective. And so much fun!

We are effective. And so much fun!


One time? At band camp?

In early 2020, my phone rang. A very desperate man was on the other end. “Can you come help my wife today? The baby was latching fine in the hospital and now isn’t latching at all.”

I heard panic alongside his commitment to making it work. This family needed the same thing I had needed when feeding my baby was hard: Help from a knowledgeable, compassionate professional. Someone who could help turn anxiety into empowerment.

Spoiler alert: I am that person! Within minutes, both mom and baby were breastfeeding happily.

This is boobs-to-the-wall real life, right? Shit happens. We can’t predict or prevent it. And we don’t always know what to do.

Here’s what I’ve learned: buried under the messiness is a metric ton of possibilities!

No matter what you’re dealing with – a big ol’ pain in the boob or an iota of self-doubt – we’re here to create solutions that work perfectly for you.

Go Milk Yourself is a company that expands possibilities. We’re obsessed with making sure everyone can feed their babies with freedom and ease!

I’ve cultivated a team of badasses who support me so I can support YOU. We figure shit out. We make discoveries. We’re in your corner, helping you choose what works for you and your family.

Wanna meet them?

Our Values + Commitment to ALL

Are you a mom who’s doing more than just breastfeeding?

We get that. You’re a human who’s responsible to many people. And you make milk! (Amazing, isn’t it?!)

We make things work for you in real time and in real life. So we do things differently around here:

Reachable in a crisis.

Nip stress in the boob.

Accessible to anyone.

That last bit is the inspiration for why we do what we do.

10% of every Go Milk Yourself purchase is automatically set aside. Anyone who cannot afford the services we offer can simply request financial support. As we’ve served hundreds of parents and children at no charge, we’re committed to continuing to serve and expand our services so everyone can have the support that makes a difference.

Everyone on the planet will be feeding their baby with freedom and ease in no time. We got this.

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