Go Milk Yourself:

Hand Expression for Badasses

More ounces in less time — all while nipping stress in the boob!

It’s true! Hand expression can revolutionize your experience of feeding baby with your body!

More freedom, more flexibility, and fattier milk.

There are lots of ways to use hand expression. And once you learn, you’ll have a ton of options and a lactating life that works.

Ever wish you could cut the cord?

Go Milk Yourself is absolutely for you if you want to say 🙅‍♀️ “adieu” to discomfort, 👋 “later gator” to limitations, or ✌️ “peace out” to your pump.

You want to provide milk for your baby. And you're…

🙋‍♀️worn out from managing logistical problems that make the pump a moot point. "I'm now wasting time getting my boobs hooked up."

🙋‍♀️ dreading the next pump sesh. You loathe flanges with the fire of a thousand suns. And you wish there was another way! (psst... there is!)

🙋‍♀️ done with one-size-fits-all! You want lots of options, more ounces, and to give baby the highest-quality milk your body can produce!

Hand Expression for Baddasses is designed for you!

You'll get what you need to create a life where feeding baby is free & easy.

Learn hand expression so you can:


Create Flexibility

You have options! You can get your milk out however you choose.


Welcome Workability

Any time. Any place. You're free to express as much milk as you want.


Discover Your Power

You are unstoppable! Your body is an incredible source of nourishment!

Francie! I filled a milk storage bag today with only pumping once! Everything else was hand expression. I've never filled a bag so early in the day before!

I love hand expression! I feel so empowered seeing what I've made!

-Alexa G.

Plain & Simple: Hand Expression makes it easy to feed your baby!

Express Yourself

for only


That's What She Said...

Francie taught me techniques for massage and hand expression that have benefitted me a lot.

I actually get more hand expressing than I do from my pump now, which has been a wonderful experience!


A BIG thank you, Francie!

I took your course and I am so happy. You really know what you're talking about!

I can hand express on the go! I don't have to travel with a pump!


I just completed a full year of exclusively hand expressing for my baby.

It took away so much anxiety & overwhelm not to have to hook up to a machine or cart around equipment!


What's Inside

Go Milk Yourself: Hand Expression for Badasses



Why Hand Expression

I'm so pumped to share the wonders of hand expression with you! Here, you'll start to see how you can fit this skill into your lactating life.



How To Hand Express

All the practical things you need to know as you get started. You'll find out why this method of milk removal is so incredibly effective!



Using the Pumps on the End of Your Arms

What to expect and how to navigate challenges and special circumstances. Plus, watch a veteran hand expresser in action!



Extra Resources

Helpful things to make hand expression even easier! Printables, how to deal with mastitis, and collecting colostrum.

Imagine a world where it's easy to get milk out of your body.

Never wasting time getting your boobs hooked up.

Being calm when stuck during a letdown.

Going to bed early instead of washing pump parts.

Hundreds of lactating parents and the people who support them have learned the Go Milk Yourself way. It’s useful in a pinch or as a rule of thumb.

The freedom that only comes from having options.

Because YOU have power. And you don’t even need a plug.

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